The factory was born by the need of F.lli Temponi to extend its range of heat treatments and give a more completed service to the customer. If the company name is new the personnel is very experienced and got from the historical factory from Brescia “Termotecnica srl”. In this way Temponi 2 can supply heat treatment services of the quenching and tempering in controlled atmospheres, carburizing, recarburizing, carbonitriding, sub-zero treatment, annealing in all its variations, normalizing and stress relief. Temponi 2 has its own metallographic laboratory.


Heat treatments in controlled atmospheres

Via Maddalena, 174
25075 Muratello di Nave (BS) – Italy
Tel.: 030/2534261

Productive Settlement:
Via Reverberi 34
25128 Brescia – Italy
Tel:  +39 0302534261
Tel:  +39 0302530929