A net of people, technologies, know-how and ideas.

In 2012 HTN4I, a net of enterprises in heat treatments was born. Our answer is the answer to globalization that has radically changed usual economical and political ways in “doing business”. Taking conscience of this change, going out from national market and accepting the challenges of larger markets is the only practicable way. The natural process of aggregation of the four enterprises was born from this consciousness. These enterprises, in addiction to the confidence in their own economical and technical ability, share the innovation targets and growth by the culture of excelling. Every enterprise in the net maintains its own autonomy, but at the same time creates a thick net of culture, economic and social relationships among its components to give a 360° offer of the service. We show you a team joined to grow and answer to the necessities of its customers.

HTN4I because:

  • You have only one representative;
  • A wide choice of technologies and knowledge;
  • A net of specialists at the customer disposal;
  • More than 40 years of experience;
  • Quality, flexibility, and top competence.