Eurotec srl

Eurotec srl is in Brescia since more than 30 years and it is a leader in the field of induction hardening of small and medium/large particulars. The design and the realization of the inductors are done inside and the definition of the heat treatment parameters is entirely guided to the experience and competence of our personnel. Quality, repeatability and traceability of the particulars are guaranteed more than by the last generation plants, by the quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 that has come in our “way to do” since 2001. To verify the correctness of the treatment cycles done, the factory has an inner metallographic laboratory with durometers, micro durometers and an optical microscope. The activity of the laboratory wants to verify the requirement of the customer for hardness depth, induction profile, micrographic checks in the hardened zone and in the basic metal and whatever the customer needs.
Practically you will have the chance to find the right machine for your needs and the personnel able to satisfy them.

Induction Treatments

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