F.lli Temponi Trattamenti Termici srl

Born in 1974 in artisan way by the brothers Temponi Luciano, Pasquale and Piergiorgio, F.lli Temponi Trattamenti Termici srl begins its expansion in 1988 with the building of a new productive settlement near Nave (BS). The enlargement in 1995 through of the care and business venture that have always marked the first and the second generation has allowed a jump as in terms of speed and flexibility in the service, as in terms of quality. Other two upgrades mark the walk of the factory, in fact in 2006 F.lli Temponi is further expanded with a creation of third unity dedicated to the copper and aluminium alloys heat treatments and in 2012, thanks to the birth of Temponi 2 Trattamenti Acciai srl it widens its own services to the steels field. The evolution didn’t only referred to the dimensions but most of all the technologies, the automations of the processes and the 360° computerization from the production to the management. In this way the factory can guarantee, also thanks to the observance of the requirements of quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, all the cycle from the heat treatment to the blasting until the painting. The customers, thanks to an advanced managerial software, can whenever they want, check by remote the working development and receive information, documents and certificates from a reserved area following the last guide lines at European level on e-commerce and on the traceability of the product to guarantee a fully integrated cycle and complete exposure. 

Heat treatments carpentry, iron and mechanical

Headquarters and offices: via Maddalena, 174 – 25075 Muratello di Nave (BS) – Italy – Tel.: 030/2534261